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8745 Bourgade Avenue
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6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Monday - Friday


"Our goal at Country Kids Day Care is to provide quality child care services in an environment that is warm and nurturing so that it enhances our children’s positive sense of themselves; one that provides optimal learning opportunities to enable our children to grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually."


Our programs are designed to enhance your child’s love of learning
Each program Country Kids offers is developmentally appropriate for each age group. We teach skills your child will need to progress to the next level. Communication is emphasized from the time they are infants. We teach signing to help the child communicate with you even without speaking.

Through art activities, we focus on the creative process, not necessarily the end result. We finger paint because it feels good. We help children learn that they are creative, imaginative individuals and help them feel good about themselves.

Block Play
In our block play area, we help to enhance self-esteem, building castles and learning about the concepts of shape, pattern and size (all early math skills) as well as important social skills like cooperation and sharing.

Math, reading and science abilities are expanded with fun computer programs. Computer experiences begin at Country Kids at age 3.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play
Country Kids begin to think in abstract ways and use symbols for objects that are not present. These skills are critical for later success in math and science.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills
In this area, we develop cognitive skills, practice hand-eye coordination, sorting and sequencing skills and more.

Used to educate, entertain, calm, or just for fun, music is vitally important in shaping a child emotionally, socially and intellectually. We will hop, skip and dance to music to develop muscles and coordination. We sing and play music simply to make beautiful sounds together.

Outdoor Play
Opportunity for vigorous outdoor play is provided to develop large muscle strength, coordination and balance. Social skills are stressed and learned through taking turns and sharing.

Each classroom is stocked with reading materials and comfortable places for children to relax and quietly read or write. Children are read to often. We will increase listening skills, which is crucial to later learning, and help your child to develop an interest in reading for pleasure.

Within our science centers, we combine reading with hands-on experience to learn about the world around us. We care for animals, examine natural objects and plant and nurture our Children’s Garden.

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